DC Series - Kitchen Fire Suppression System

DC Series - Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Defender DC Series Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  • Easy to install, uses and maintain
  • Wide nozzle coverage
  • Non clogging nozzle
  • Doesn’t have any cartridge, hydraulic or other weak
    triggering system
  • Doesn’t need any replacement during maintenance

DC series has best alternative for all kitchen size

  • DC 8 : 8 Flow System
  • DC 12 : 12 Flow System
  • DC 18 : 18 Flow System

Wide and fast detection range

  • 141°C
  • 182°C
  • 260°C

DC series performance tested according to EN 17446:2021

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 - DC series product quality checked regularly by BSI Kitemark

Defender DC Series Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  • Easy to install, uses and maintain
  • Wide nozzle coverage
  • Non clogging nozzle
  • Doesn’t have any cartridge, hydraulic or other weak triggering system
  • Doesn’t need any replacement during maintenance
  • Can be activated by manual or automatic
  • Pressure can be monitored by gauge for easy and cost effective maintenance
  • Can control gas shut of valve, ventilation system and also electric system with micro switch
  • Simplified hydraulic calculation
  • One type supression piping installation
  • Suitable for all kind of kitchen hoods


9,5 Lt , 15 Lt ve 22 Lt capacity cylinders.
12 bar low pressure cylinders.
30° - 60°  angle full cone  non clogged nozzles
Automatic and manual activation is standard.
UL Listed detectors with 141°C - 182°C - 260°C. heat detection options. 
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  • Defender Manual Activation Mechanism Ring is made of Stainless Spring Steel. 
  • Defender Manual Activation Mechanism has a special ergonomic design. 
  • It is not affected by corrosion and impacts. 
  • Defender Manual Activation Mechanism can be sealed against unauthorized use.

DEFENDER NOZZLE (P1500 A Nozul – P1600 F Nozul)

  • High quality brass raw material is used in defender nozzles .
  • Defender nozzles are produced on high precision CNC machines with a precision of 0.001%.
  • Defender nozzles have a specially designed atomizer ( Sprayer ).
  • Defender nozzles are non- clogging. There is no filter or strainer.
  • Defender Nozzles spray liquid in full cone (Full Cone ).
  • Defender Nozzles have oil cap and oil foil.
  • It prevents clogging of the outlet ends of the nozzles due to oil and salt steam.
  • When the system is operated, the oil foils are torn and the extinguishing liquid is released.

Technical Performance of Defender Nozzles

Nozzle Type



Flow (L / Min )

Place of use

P1500 A Type Nozzle



3 Liters

Chimney, Filter and flat surface cooking devices

P1600 F  Type Nozzle



6 Liters

Fryer, Grilled or Lava stone grill, Tilting pan


  • Defender Corner Pulley are made of Zamak-5 Raw Material. It is not affected by oil and salt steam.
  • Unlike its counterparts, it has a body thickness of 2 mm. It has a very long mechanical life. 
  • Stainless steel fully enclosed bearings are used in defender roller elbows. 
  • It is resistant to corrosion. Rotational motion is guaranteed. 
  • There are mounting holes on the defender roller bracket bodies. 
  • It can be easily mounted on the wall. In addition, there is no need to use clamps. 
  • The pipe entry of the defender Corner Pulley is 18 mm. 
  • Defender Corner Pulley pipes are fixed with M6 screws. 


  • Defender Thermobulb detectors have 3 different heat values.
  • Defender Thermobulb detector (P2751 182 ° C) is used in cooking appliances with high fire risk such as deep fryers. 
  • Defender Thermobulb detector (P2851 141 ° C) Used in filter, chimney or cooking appliances with low fire risk.
  • Defender Thermobulb detector (P2951 260 ° C) is used in high heat generating cooking devices such as Charcoal Grill, Lava Stone Grill. 
  • Standard and Fast Response models are available.
  • Defender detectors are mounted on steel rope with aluminum connection ferrules.
  • The mounting apparatus of the defender detectors is made of 2 mm sheet metal and has high tensile, tensile, stretch and deformation resistance.
  • Electrolysis coating is applied to the defender detector mounting apparatus against corrosion.


    • Defender System Cylinder is produced from high quality sheet metal.
    • The Defender System Cylinder has passed the tests in accordance with the standards and is CE certified.
    • Defender System Cylinder is pressurized with 12 bar.
    • Defender System Cylinder has> 100 Bar burst test pressure.
    • The Defender System Cylinder is extremely safe against heat and explosion.
    • Defender System Cylinder is protected against corrosion with electrostatic paint.
    • Defender Activation Mechanism Box is made of 2 mm sheet metal.
    • Defender Activation mechanism is protected against corrosion with electrostatic oven paint.
    • Defender Activation Mechanism components are made of stainless steel and Aluminum Bronze. It has high corrosion resistance.
    • Defender Activation components are produced by precision casting with high technology.
    • Cylinder pressure can be monitored from the manometer on the Defender Activation Mechanism.
    • Kitchen cooking devices and ventilation fans can be de-energized and turned off with micro switch within the Defender Activation Mechanism .


  • Defender Sutt-off Gas valve box is made of high quality Stainless steel.
  • Defender Sutt-off Gas valve is available in sizes 1 ”, 1-1 / 4”, 1-1 / 2 ”, 2”.
  • The Defender gas shut-off valve closes the gas passage by its mechanical release.
  • Defender Sutt-off Gas valve works with a very short movement.
  • It must be used in industrial kitchens to cut off gas in case of fire.


  • Fire Eraser is produced from potassium carbonate solution.
  • Fire Eraser Solution> 1,30 - Fire Eraser Chemical extinguishing liquid has a low PH degree.
  • After using Fire Eraser Chemical extinguishing liquid, the kitchen can be washed with plenty of hot water and put into use quickly.
  • Fire Eraser Chemical extinguishing liquid is Toxic and Non- Toxic .
  • Fire Eraser Lifetime is 10 Years .


  • Defender EMT Connection Couplings are 2 types, one-way and two-way.
  • Defender EMT Connection Fittings securely fix aluminum pipes with inner rings.
  • Defender EMT Connection Couplings are coated with electrolysis galvanized and have high corrosion resistance. It is not affected by intense oil vapor and salt vapor in kitchens.
  • Defender EMT Connection Fittings are ”- 18 mm in size.


  • Stainless steel rope is made of AISI304 Stainless Steel.
  • 7x7 + 1 Steel core has physical properties.
  • It does not curl in stretching, pulling and releasing, it preserves its structure.
  • Not affected by heavy oil and salt steam in kitchens
  • Corrosion resistance is high.


  • Fireproof and Leakproof Klingrit gasket
  • Knurled washer for easy assembly
  • Chrome nickel plating against corrosion
  • Internal diameter threaded or unthreaded option

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