DE Series

Defender Electric Panel Extinguishing System

Defender DE system

In-panel fire extinguishing systems are known as low pressure systems. Only the volume information of the place to be protected and the required gas amount according to the application area are found and Special design DLP valve and FA236 clean and effective extinguishing gas are used. Thanks to its special design, the manometer can be changed without removing the cylinder pressure in case the manometer malfunctions. Upon request, data such as system activation or pressure loss with pressure transmitter can be monitored from the fire panel.

Working Principle:

The heat sensitive hose is pierced at the closest point to the flame with the effect of fire temperature, as a result, the FA236 clean gas in the Cylinder is discharged into the room. On the other hand, in-panel extinguishing systems are low pressure and do not cause any damage to the equipment. If it is desired to be informed that the system is working, it can be integrated with an audible or light signal device or it can be provided to inform the general fire alarm panel of the building.

In the direct system, the hole in the heat sensitive hose as a result of the fire reduces the pressure in the hose, so the valve is triggered and the gas is discharged from the torn point due to the heat effect.

Sensitive detection and extinguishing, proven in the field for 5 years. It has protected many businesses from various sectors from electrical panel fires.

Defender Electrical Panel Extinguishing System Detector Hose

  • Defender Detector hose is under constant pressure and operates with the sudden release of pressure by explosion in case of fire.
  • Defender Detector Hose is produced with 6x4 mm Polyamide-12 material and special additives that increase heat resistance.
  • Defender Detector Hose explosion temperature is 130 °C. (Trigger temperature).
  • Defender Detector Hose it has high pressure resistance.
  • Defender Detector Hose has resistance to outdoor wear.
  • Defender Detector Hose it has high impact resistance at low temperatures.
  • Defender Detector Hose has UV and temperature resistance.
  • Defender Detector Hose has hydrolysis resistance.
  • Defender Detector Hose has high resistance to HCFC gases.
  • Defender Detector Hose it has high measurement sensitivity (6x4mm) (+/- 1%).
  • Defender Detector Hose has high resistance to oil and chemicals.
  • Defender Detector Hose fulfills the German DIN 73378 / DIN 74324 standards.
  • Defender Detector Hose working pressure is 9 Bar.
  • Defender Detector Hose melting temperature 173 ºC.
  • Defender Detector Hose it has a 1.4% coefficient of water absorption.
  • Defender Detector Hose has a moisture absorption coefficient of 0.7%.
  • Defender Detector Hose has 67 D hardness coefficient.
  • Defender Detector Hose has “R15” bending value.
  • Defender Detector Hose can be easily positioned at every point in electrical panels due to its flexible structure and can detect sensitivive changes.
  • It is not affected by oil and salt steam.


           Defender System Cylinder

  • Defender System Cylinder is made of high quality sheet metal.
  • Defender System Cylinder has passed tests in accordance with the standards and is CE certified.
  • Defender System Cylinder is pressurized with 9 bar.
  • Defender System Cylinder has >100 Bar burst test pressure.
  • Defender System Cylinder is extremely safe against heat and explosion.
  • Defender System Cylinder is protected against corrosion with electrostatic paint.
  • Defender System Cylinder mounting apparatus and stainless steel band clamp are easily mounted on flat surfaces.

Defender Activation Valve

  • Defender Activation Valve is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Cylinder pressure can be monitored on the manometer on the Defender Activation Valve.
  • Information about the system operation can be given with the pressure switch on the Defender Activation Valve.
  • With the pressure switch on the Defender Activation Valve, it can inform the fire detection system and the building automation system in an activation caused by the fire in the electrical panel.
  • The system can be taken into service mode easily with the mini valve on the Defender Activation Valve.


  • HFC227ea, HFC-125, HFC-236fa gases can be preferred in the Defender Electric panel extinguishing system.
  • HFCF gases are non-poisonous and non-toxic.
  • Gases used in the Defender Electric panel extinguishing system are UL certified.