EN 17446 Approved Kitchen Extinguishing System - (Defender DC Series)

  • DEFENDER DC Series Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System is Europe's first EN 17446:2021 approved system.
  • It has been certified by BSI Group Eurasia with the certificate number KITEMARK KM781554
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  • DEFENDER DC Series Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System Fire tests were carried out in the manufacturer's test and experiment laboratory under the witness of BSI test engineer. The system passed all tests successfully and was awarded the EN 17446:2021 certificate.
  • DEFENDER DC Series kitchen extinguishing system completely fulfills the requirements of EN 17446:2021, which is a very new standard.

Basic information of the EN 17446:2021 standard (EN 17446:2021 Fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens - System design, documentation and test requirements)

Standard Preface

EN 17446:2021 standard CEN/TC 191 "Fixed fire extinguishing systems" has been prepared by the Technical Committee.
The following information is noteworthy in the text of the standard.

  • This European Standard should be given the status of a national standard by publication of the same text or notice of approval by February 2022 at the latest, and conflicting national standards should be repealed by February 2022 at the latest.
  • According to the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations, the national standards bodies of the following countries are obliged to implement this European Standard:

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, North Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.When the EN 17446:2021 standard is examined in detail by professionals, it will be seen that there is information on system design, testing and recording of the designed system to make an industrial kitchen fire safe.

When the EN 17446:2021 standard is examined in detail by professionals, it will be seen that there is information on system design, testing and recording of the designed system to make an industrial kitchen fire safe.

The standard consists of the following main sections.

Scope of EN 17446:2021 standard

This document specifies the minimum requirements applicable to the design, installation, operation, testing and maintenance of fixed automatic fire suppression systems for kitchen protection covering cooking appliances, hood, filter and rear filter volume, and air outlet ducts. This document also provides requirements for structure and component performance applicable to certain types, designs, sizes and arrangements of pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression systems.

Normative references referred to by the EN 17446:2021 standard

The following documents are referenced in the text in a way that some or all of their contents constitute the requirements of this document.

  • EN 3-7:2004+A1:2007, Portable fire extinguishers - Part 7: Specifications, performance requirements and test methods
  • EN 3-8, Portable fire extinguishers - Part 8: Additional requirements to EN 3-7 for construction, pressure resistance and mechanical testing for fire extinguishers with a maximum allowable pressure equal to or less than 30 bar
  • EN 1860-2, Tools, solid fuels and fire starters for barbecue - Part 2: BBQ charcoal and barbecue charcoal briquettes - Requirements and test methods

EN 17446:2021 standard Terms and definitions

Information on terms and definitions used in the standard text is included.
ISO and IEC maintain their terminological databases at:

— IEC Elektropedia: Available at https://www.electropedia.org/.
— ISO Online scanning platform: available at https://www.iso.org/obp

EN 17446:2021 Standard Design and system requirements

How to design the Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System, information on the minimum and maximum requirements of the system and how to apply the parameters in the system manual are explained.

EN 17446:2021 Standard Commissioning, Installation and Maintenance Procedures

It contains information that will ensure that the Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System is installed, commissioned and periodically maintained by the people trained by the manufacturer in accordance with the system manual.

EN 17446:2021 Standard System guide requirements

The Kitchen Fire Suppression System contains information including installation, operation, refilling, inspection and maintenance instructions and pre-engineering conditions.

EN 17446:2021 Standard Test methods

There is information about the test processes for each cooking appliance expected to be used with the Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System. It is the most important information in the standard content.

In summary;

The tests are carried out by an accredited independent test laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025

  • Fire extinguishing tests on cooking appliances
  • Splash tests of burning oil in cooking appliances
  • Cooking oil splash tests on cooking appliances
  • Hood and air duct extinguishing tests
  • Plenum extinguishing tests
  • Wet Chemichal Agent distribution test

EN 17446:2021 Standard Test Report (Fire Tests, Corrosion Tests and Aging Tests)

The information that should be included in the test report of the Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System is given. It contains information about recording all kinds of events experienced during all possible observations and tests, together with their comments.